Research reveals SMEs aren’t aware of alternatives to banks

A man with short grey hair wearing a navy blue suit and a white shirt.

A recent survey, commissioned here at Together, has found that there is a widespread lack of awareness amongst businesses of the alternatives to the traditional banks - despite the fact that the specialist lending sector, in which we operate, is thriving.

In addition to general awareness, almost half of people believed that credit rating makes the biggest difference in a loan being accepted; whilst over a third of those surveyed thought that computers decide who gets offered a loan - not people.

So, what do we mean when we call ourselves a specialist?

Our specialist approach is all to do with common sense lending. We don’t base decisions on credit scores, or a rigid computerised approach, but assess each case on an individual basis, applying a common sense approach.

This approach allows us to be more flexible and we are often used as a means of fast short-term finance for cases where speed is of the essence, but that may ultimately be refinanced with a traditional lender.

Speed is a key factor in our service offering, as we can react very quickly and work to tight timescales, which sets us apart from the mainstream.

Put simply, our fast and flexible funding allows small businesses to grow. Whether it’s to purchase a property, seize an investment opportunity, to refinance, consolidate debts or progress plans for growth, we’re opening more doors for small businesses.

So if you're a business interested in short-term funding get in touch today