Specialist Buy to Let and HMO mortgages

For purchases and remortgages
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  • Rates from 5.25%.
  • Borrow up to £2.5m.
  • Borrow over 4 to 30 years.
  • Variable rate.
  • Borrow up to 75% of the property's market value.
Consolidating unsecured debts with secured lending may increase the amount repaid overall.
  4.5/5 average rating by independent customer

Not all rental opportunities were created equal

So if your property has potential as a student let or houseshare, talk to us. Whatever the situation, we won't insist you have any past experience as a landlord. And we can take up to 90% of projected rent (plus any other income you have) into account when calculating what you can afford.

We could even help if:

  • It’s an ex-council property, and/or made of non-standard materials (e.g. concrete).
  • You’re self-employed, work several jobs, or have already retired.
  • You’ve got a less-than-perfect credit history.

Checking you qualify

This product is designed for properties that you're renting out as a House of Multiple Occupancy. If this doesn’t apply, another of our products may suit:

Can a first-time buyer have a buy-to-let mortgage? 

Yes, we’ll consider applications from first-time buyers for a Together Buy to Let mortgage and treat them the same as anyone else. This includes both first-time property investors and people who’ve never owned their own home as well.

Can I move into my buy-to-let mortgage? 

If you own a buy-to-let property and need to move into it, speak to your mortgage provider about changing your buy-to-let mortgage to a residential mortgage.

If they won’t let you do this, it’s time to shop around – as you may be in breach of the terms of your buy-to-let mortgage if you move in without their knowledge.

How much can I borrow for a buy-to-let mortgage with Together? 

We offer buy-to-let mortgages of anywhere from £30k to £2.5m – and sometimes more! If you want to borrow a large amount (i.e. over £1m) we may or may not insist on you putting in a larger deposit or more equity.

How many buy-to-let mortgages can you have? 

There’s no strict limit, but some mortgage lenders will put a limit on how many mortgages (or how much you’ve borrowed overall) they’ll let you have. Here at Together, we have no such limits.

Some investors who own lots of rental properties may instead decide to have one very large mortgage that covers all of them, so they have a single monthly payment to meet.

This is known as a portfolio buy-to-let mortgage and is secured against all of their properties at the same time, and is something we also offer.

What fees will I have to pay on a Together buy-to-let mortgage? 

We charge an Arrangement Fee, and some of our Buy to Let mortgages include an Early Repayment Charge, which you'll pay if you elect to remortgage with another lender or repay your loan in full before the term ends.

We also charge a Redemption Administration Fee when you 'redeem' (i.e. fully repay) your mortgage, to cover costs associated with closing your account and dispensing our legal claim to your property.

All of these fees can vary, so we'll ensure that the fees that apply to your particular mortgage are clearly explained before you sign on the dotted line.

Other fees and charges may be applied to your account during the life of your mortgage, in relation to the management of your account (for instance, if you fall behind on your monthly payments). These are all explained in our Tariff of Charges.

Any property used as security, including your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it.