Spotlight on... Danni and Ceri

Their Anglesey bungalow renovation seemed straightforward. But then…

NHS workers Danni and Ceri met at school, and were teamed up to renovate a tired property on Anglesey for the new Channel 4 series, The Great House Giveaway. Missed the show? Watch it now on ALL4.

Meet the contestants

Danni, 27, is a recently qualified midwife. She rents a home from a housing association, but would love to buy a property and create a home of her own. She describes herself as hardworking but more interested in style and interior design than ‘hands-on’ DIY.

Ceri, 28, works for the Welsh Ambulance Service and lives at home with her parents and brother. Struggling to save a deposit, she’s envious of friends who are already on the property ladder. Being calm in a crisis comes naturally, and – since her dad’s a builder – knows she can call on him for advice and free labour.

Find out what the girls had to say about their property auction experience.

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What did they do?


The house needed some major care, with a leaking roof, old plumbing and electrics all needing their attention. Collapsing ceilings revealed asbestos that would be time-consuming and costly to remove safely – meaning the girls’ original renovation budget had to be extended.


Fresh carpets and simple décor have created a bright and welcoming blank canvas for buyers. Removing the front porch and painting the pebbledash have given a welcome injection of kerb appeal, while knocking down the unnecessary partition wall in the bedroom has made it feel more spacious.

Result: £4,250 profit

Our expert's view

Scott Hendry, Director of Auction Relationships:

“The girls bought right at the top of their budget, and discovered some unforeseen issues during the course of their renovation – both of which really ate into their potential profit.

“They managed to walk away with something to show for their efforts, but perhaps not as much as they might have hoped.

“Their story really demonstrates the importance of doing as much work yourself as you can, as they were lucky to get so much free help from Ceri’s dad.”

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