Spotlight on... Harry and Kaylum

Their huge project had huge potential – but could they make a huge profit?

Total strangers Harry and Kaylum joined forces to renovate a double-fronted Ashton-under-Lyne property for the new Channel 4 series, The Great House Giveaway. Missed the show? Catch up now on ALL4.

Meet the contestants

Harry, aged 33, is a self-employed upholsterer who also works as a barman. When applying for the show, he described himself as a fed-up renter who lives in a property nowhere near his standards. Artsy and bohemian, Harry says he has a strong work-ethic – he works six days a week – and will bring practical skills to the project.

Kaylum, aged 28, works as a restaurant manager. When applying to take part, he said his goal is to own a restaurant of his own. He says he has a can-do attitude and likes to be in charge, but finds (despite his best endeavours) his income depleted by rent and a busy social life. Detail-orientated Kaylum says he has lots of design ideas and knows exactly what he wants his own place to look like.

harry and kaylum before 1
harry and kaylum before 2
harry and kaylum before 3

What did they do?

harry and kaylum before 1
harry and kaylum before 2
harry and kaylum before 3

This huge Victorian detached needed significant modernisation, with dated fixtures and décor from yesteryear, and draughty single glazing. High ceilings and traditional sash windows hinted at the house’s former glory, but it needed vision to see the ‘forever home’ that this large, four-bedroomed pile could be. But before that could be done, they’d need to repair the cracked walls…

harry and kaylum after 1
harry and kaylum after 2
harry and kaylum after 3

As well as new double-glazed sash windows and central heating, Harry and Kaylum installed smart and stylish bathrooms that really demonstrate what a beautiful family home this could eventually become. Clean, white walls and unfinished floors gave their buyers the perfect blank canvas with which to continue the renovation.

Result: £80,326 profit

Take a tour of the finished property

Our expert's view

Scott Hendry, Director of Auction Relationships:

"First of all, what an incredible profit! Although the team may not have gotten on personally, they were able to work together professionally and avoid the many traps a renovation project can surprise you with.

“First impressions count with a high-value property like this, and the boys were right to give the exterior plenty of attention – especially as you approach it from the road to the rear. Removing the conservatory, ivy and overgrown garden made all the difference.

“It’s clear from watching that the house was marketed without a kitchen installed, though, and this is something we’d not recommend. Not only is the kitchen the heart of the home and often the room that ‘sells’ a property, but some mortgage providers won’t lend against such properties, as they’re deemed ‘uninhabitable’.”

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