My Broker Venue FAQs.

Some helpful tips and guidance on how to use My Broker Venue.

Troubleshooting My Broker Venue

Troubleshooting My Broker Venue?

First of all, a few golden rules for interacting with the system:

  • Every person who interacts with MBV needs to have their own unique login, which you’ll be provided when you first sign up. If there’s someone else in your team who needs to use the system, then they’ll need to register separately (they can’t share your login details).

  • You can’t have two cases open at once – this will corrupt (break) your case and you will have to rekey it from the start (No copying).

  • You can’t be in a case at the same time as someone else – this will corrupt (break) your case and you will have to rekey it from the start (No copying).

  • When setting up a case, please use the Quick Product Links panel if you know which product your customer requires. If you’re unsure, or you’re quoting Consumer Buy to Let (CBTL), please use the Product Selector tool.

Where do I get my Brokerage Reference Number?

Either call our New Business Team on 0161 933 7101 or send us an email, and we’ll be able to provide it for you.

How do I start a quote?

You can start a quote from the home dashboard by using the Quick product Links, or if you’re unsure on the regulation of your case or It’s a CBTL use Product selector.

Why won't my password change?

Each time you change your password, you’ll need to select a new password you haven’t used before.

You’ll need to use a minimum of eight characters, and it must include an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and a number. For example, pAssw0rd7 - although please don’t use a variation on ‘password’, as this is one of the first steps in a hackers handbook!

Why isn't my reference working?

Whether you’re entering a brokerage reference or a case reference, make sure you haven’t put a space or full stop at the end of the field, as this prevents our system from recognising it.

If you’re still having difficulty, just send us an email and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

Why can't I see a case?

If someone else has made a change to your case, the case will have resaved under their MBV login. To find it, simply search for it by Surname, Postcode, or Reference, and click View All Cases.

Fees and commission

When quoting can I amend the rates and fees?

Yes, however there are certain restrictions for each product. Further details are provided in the Underwriting Guides found under Document Library.

    You can amend the rates and fees under the following areas:

  • Regulated Products: Under the Case Summary, click the Fees section.
  • Unregulated Bridging: Fees are entered and amended under the Product and Quote pages.
  • All other Unregulated Products: Under Requote, you’ll find a tab called Fees and Commissions.

A red warning triangle has appeared next to Totals. What does this mean?

Hover over the icon and a message will appear. This could be because you haven’t entered a broker fee, or you’ve exceeded the maximum permitted value.

If you’re still having difficulty, just send us an email and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

When generating a residential mortgage quote, where do I enter information relating to the service provider and the commission payable?

Go to the Case Summary panel and click on Commission Split/Service Provider. This will take you through to the relevant screen. Please ensure the Third Party Details (within the Application Data tile) have been completed first before the commission details are added.

Errors or missing information

How do I find incomplete fields?

To see which fields are incomplete, validate the application and go back to the tiles which show a yellow exclamation mark. The incomplete fields will then be highlighted in red.

Hovering over the (i) next to the main tabs will also highlight any missing information.

When a tile is complete, it will show a green tick (the exceptions are the Affordability tiles).

Credit reports

What happens when I run a credit search?

Once generated, the credit search will:

  • Populate the relevant fields within the full affordability assessment and calculate the applicants' credit status (Residential Secured Loans and Mortgages only).
  • Calculate the demerits.
  • Refresh the quote and select the correct plan.
  • Return a customised credit report.

Why am I having issues getting a credit report?

On the Credit Profile tile, make sure the address is highlighted in blue before clicking Generate, otherwise the credit won’t pull through.

In addition, MBV can only hold a maximum of three addresses over a previous three-year period. So if your customer has exceeded this limit, please enter their oldest and most recent address over that time period into the system, and amend the dates accordingly. You’ll then need to upload a Word document in the submission checklist as a Broker Added Item, with the customer’s full address history for our Underwriting team.

Finally, overseas applicants aren’t credit searched. So if you select anything other than UK under Country of Residence in the Applicant Details, the Credit Profile tab won’t become available.

Do I need to provide you with a paper copy of the credit report?

Provided you have run a credit search through MyBrokerVenue and submitted the application this way, you don’t need to send us a paper copy of the report.

Limited company cases

How do I remove an applicant?

Unfortunately, you can’t delete a director or an applicant added to a Limited Company in MBV. You can change the applicant by overwriting the information, but if they want an application without a Limited Company, it will need to be rekeyed.

What else do I need to know?

When adding a Limited Company to MBV, you must save the box regarding the Limited Company before adding an applicant.

Also, make sure you don’t forget to select the country in the dropdown.


Why isn't the affordability tile showing?

  • Residential cases: If the Affordability tile isn’t showing, it means either the address, employment, or security information hasn’t been added correctly. Please check these fields are complete and there aren’t any errors.
  • Commercial Term: We don’t assess affordability on MBV. Please ensure the application fits our 50% TSDI (Total Secured Debt to Income) and upload the relevant proofs as outlined in our underwriting and packaging guides. You can find a commercial term affordability calculator here.
  • Buy to Let and HMOs: Initially, we assess affordability on our Rental Income Calculation. So if the case has passed based on this information, then MBV won’t open up the Affordability tile.
  • Holiday lets : We don’t asses affordability on MBV Please ensure the application fits our ICR or TSDI calculation as outlined in our underwriting and packaging guides.

Bridging and auction finance cases

I want to quote a term lower than 12 months on a bridge - how do I do it?

We only offer this by referral: MBV can do this on a first-charge basis with service and retained repayments, but the loan and LTV must be within our criteria.

If it isn’t, get the loan and LTV within the criteria and submit it with the term you want – our underwriters can change the loan amounts and produce documents for you.

I want to quote an 18 or 24 month bridge - how do I do it?

We only offer this by referral: MBV can do this on serviced repayments only, but the loan and LTV must be within our criteria.

If it isn’t, get the loan and LTV within the criteria and submit it with the term you want – our underwriters can change the loan amounts and produce documents for you.

My case is an auction purchase, why are you charging solicitor's fees?

As long as your property is in England or Wales and isn’t a Limited Company purchase, customers can use their own solicitors for dual representation up to purchases of £500,000.

Please make sure you check the rest of our criteria regarding solicitors, and any other requirements we have regarding their status, before completing the below.

You can remove our solicitors’ fees in these instances by clicking Edit on the Quote page of our Bridge tool. Press Save afterwards to update your quotation.

Commercial and buy-to-let cases

I'm getting an error message

When quoting a loan under Quick Product Links → Commercial → Mortgages, loans ; Buy to let, you may get an error message that reads:

‘From the information you have provided, the Product Wizard suggests that your requirements do not match one of our 'Standard Plans'. However this does not necessarily mean that we cannot lend in this instance.’

This usually happens when you are trying to quote a semi-commercial buy-to-let property or an investment property. You can only select ‘Yes’ to one of the following questions:

  • Loan secured on Buy to Let?
  • House of Multiple Occupation?
  • Loan secured on Retail Unit with living accommodation?
  • Is Property a Holiday Let?
  • Loan secured on commercial property?

In this instance please go back and select 'yes’ to Loan secured on Retail Unit with living accommodation? and make sure all other property types have ‘no’ beside them (or whichever alternative of the above best suits your customers property type).

Generating documents

Why am I having difficulty producing documents?

If you’re struggling to produce documents, it could be linked to your computer settings.

Most documents need a PDF reader to enable viewing; we recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This can be downloaded directly through the link below or alternatively through the Adobe website.

If you’re already using Adobe Acrobat, please check you have the latest version installed, and that you don’t have pop-up blockers switched on.

Also check to see if the dialogue box appears at the bottom of the page. If it doesn’t, check it’s not open in another window.

I have completed a quote, how do I print the documents?

Go to the Documents tile and you’ll be presented with a list of documents available for printing. Either print the documents pre-selected which are based on the data captured in My Broker Venue, or select which documents you want to view/print and click Produce Docs.

Are the documents pre-populated?

Documents are pre-populated based on the data captured in My Broker Venue.