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Discover the latest product announcements from Together

Latest product updates from Together

Method have now joined as one of Together’s valuation panel managers

To support your clients, we're providing you with more options and have added a new valuation panel manager - Method.

Method provides a fast, accurate and reliable way for you to obtain valuations. They'll request quotes, receive responses, instruct surveyors and send a full report back to you, all helping to save you time.

You can also access their portal, which enables valuations to be procured on our behalf to speed up the lending process, whilst ensuring the surveyor is acceptable.

What are the key benefits?


Method xi software and processes set new standards in the valuation industry.


Their system and processes drive efficiencies and increase productivity.


Their algorithms select the most appropriate surveyors for each job.

Great value

Their fees are transparent and fixed so not linked to the total valuation cost.


They are transparent, professional and fair in all their undertakings.


They take a respectful and professional approach with all stakeholders.

Register with Method here

Download fee scale
For more information or support on how to register with Method, contact:


Phone: 01642 269 306


If you have a case you’re looking to place with Together contact your dedicated team on 0161 933 7101.

New VAS guaranteed fee scale

Following broker feedback and to help support clients, VAS have now extended their offering to include a guaranteed fee scale for standard residential properties with an estimated value of up to £2,000,000.

Access new fee scale information here


  • Instant instruction – no waiting for quotes.
  • Consistent and transparent pricing for your applicants.
  • Expedites the entire valuation journey.
  • Provides access to 500+ residential valuers across the country.
Access VAS guide here
For more information or support, contact VAS:


Phone: 01642 262 217


Commercial Term Stressing - Affordability Checking


To ensure our customers are supported through the current microeconomic climate we are introducing a 1% stress to all of our Commercial term loans submitted on or after the 31st of October.

What’s Changed?

We are introducing a standalone affordability calculator for our Commercial term product.

What do I need to do?

From 31st October this affordability calculator needs to be used to assess the customers TSDI including the 1% stress.

If the property is currently rented (Or is projected to be) we’ve covered this in the calculator too.

What then?

Once you have assessed the customers affordability using the calculator you then upload the usual proof of income requirements with the case:

  • 2 x SA302’s
  • Accountants certificate
  • Rental Agreements

Anything else I need to know?

This change doesn’t impact cases in our existing pipeline. Affordability for all other products can be calculated as normal through MBV.

Great, where do I find it?

The calculator can be found below and we’re working hard to get it onto MBV in the near future.

Download the calculator

My Broker Venue updates

We've made a couple of changes on My Broker Venue.

1. We're renaming the ‘Customer Account Details’ tab to ‘Funding Account Details’ and renaming the Direct Debit tab to ‘Direct Debit details’. This is to make it clearer which tab is for DD account information and which tab is for disbursement account information.

2. For personal finance applications we've removed the ‘letter from employer to confirm that the applicant is not at risk of redundancy' from the checklist.