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Bridging loans.

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  • Multiple exits accepted
  • Second charge regulated bridge available
  • AVMs accepted
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From hope to home

When your clients need finance quickly, our team of experts can work with you to move their plans from ambition to reality.  From chain breaks to downsizing, a regulated bridging loan from Together can help your client secure their dream home whilst waiting for longer term finance to be arranged.

With our regulated bridge and regulated bridge second charge loans, we’ll lend on properties across England, Scotland and Wales, with all security types considered. To allow transactions to proceed at speed, we allow Automatic Valuation Models on standard properties with loans up to £250k and a maximum LTV of 65% - and different exit strategies can be considered, including inheritance where probate is granted and pension lump sums.

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From farm to forever home

With a dream of downsizing from their beloved family home of 31 years to a low maintenance new build, retired couple Mr & Mrs Trayes were packed and ready to move when they received the dreaded call; three days before completion, legal issues had caused their chain to collapse. 

With their dream home now at risk, the couple contacted Together – and we were able to quickly secure funding for the new build with a 12 month regulated bridging loan. This gave Mr & Mrs Trayes the space and time they needed to put their beloved farm back on the market. The farm sold at auction and the couple were able to pay back the bridging loan with the proceeds of the sale.

Recommending a bridging loan

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Helping your clients from A. to Buy.

Together’s range of bridging loans have been designed to suit the needs of your customers, with both personal or commercial finance options available. First charge, cross-charge and second charge regulated bridging loans between £50K and £500k (higher by referral) are available via our personal finance team. Or if your client is in need of an unregulated bridging loan, commercial, semi-commercial and residential solutions are available for loans between £26k and £5m (higher by referral). All security and property types will be considered across England, Scotland and Wales, including land and applications can be considered from overseas nations. 

Get your clients moving quickly with our 50 years of lending expertise. 
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From opportunity to investment.

A bridging loan from Together can help get your clients get from A. to Buy. With unregulated commercial, semi-commercial or residential bridging loans available, our expert team are here to help your clients move their ideas from ambition to reality.

With flexibility, speed and good old common sense at the heart of everything we do, we understand how transformative a 12 month bridging loan could be for your clients. Loans sizes range between £26k and £5m – with higher amounts also offered by referral. We’ll consider loans on residential investment properties (including Buy to Let) in England, Scotland and Wales, and all commercial property types (including land).

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Unregulated bridging: development exit. 

Together provided a £2 million bridging loan – in just eight working days - for a property development company to re-finance a luxury apartment complex. 

Together’s finance allowed the developers to redeem the original loan and provide working capital to press ahead quickly with the company’s next project. The borrowers were able to exit the bridging loan by selling the remaining apartments. 

✓ £2 million

✓ 12 month –  unregulated bridging loan 

✓ 8 working days – from application to funding


Exit Process

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Common questions about Bridging Loans

What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term loan, which covers the gap between paying out for a new home before receiving the proceeds of the sale of another, they usually lasts up to 12 months.

How much can my client borrow, and how much deposit will they need?

We can lend up to 70% LTV for most of our bridging products (both regulated and unregulated), apart from our unregulated residential first charge bridge loans where we can lend up to a maximum of 75% LTV. Maximum loan size depends on what your client will be using the bridging loan for, and their personal circumstances. The maximum loan-to-value ratio we can offer may be reduced based on the nature of the property.

Can my client apply for a bridging loan if they have poor credit?

If they've got less-than-perfect credit, such as a small blip that’s caused a big impact on your credit score – we’ll use our common sense when reviewing your application, and look at your credit history instead.

We can also ignore adverse credit that’s over 12 months old when it comes to deciding your interest rate.

How do you decide my client’s interest rate?

The rate your client is offered may be influenced by several factors, including:

  • What they're using the bridging loan for.

  • The type and value of the property they're using to secure the loan.

  • How much they need to borrow (both in total, and as a percentage of their property's value).

  • Whether they have any other loans secured against the property, that won't be repaid by this loan.

  • Their credit history (but not your credit score).

Why might your client choose a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is short-term, so your client may choose one if they only need money temporarily – perhaps to sort out a cash flow problem, to bridge the gap between buying a property and securing a mortgage, or because they’re intending to turn around a project quickly.

How long does a bridging loan take to arrange?

Watch our video – How to speed up my client’s bridging loan applications with Michael Schofield – Underwriting Director to find out more about getting the best outcome for your customer. You can also visit our Chalk intermediary resource hub for more information on how to submit the perfectly packaged case or click to download your ‘unregulated bridging submission checklist’.

Can my client get a bridging loan on land?

Yes – we can lend on land for a range of purposes. And if your client has planning permission in place, we have development finance options available which can last up to 24 months.

My client is retired - can they get a bridging loan?

Yes – we’ve no maximum age on some* of our Bridging loans, and we’ll consider a wide range of income (including pension) when it comes to assessing affordability.
If your client has found the perfect retirement property, they won’t need to wait around for their current property to sell, and they’ll have plenty of time to organise their move and make the transition gradually.

*It’s worth noting there is a maximum age cap of 85 years old (at end of term) on our regulated bridging loans, and 80 years old (at end of term) on our unregulated bridging loans if your client is employed and income is required. 


My client is self-employed - can they get a bridging loan?

Yes, if your client is a sole trader, freelancer or has multiple income streams we can accept self-employed applicants with just 12 months trading history, and they’ll get the same rates as someone with a regular income.

We’ll look at their last three months’ earnings, so even if they took advantage of the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme in 2020, they’ll still be treated as normal.

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