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Buy or remortgage a semi-commercial property

Semi-commercial property mortgages.

  • For purchases & remortgages
  • Flexible on income & credit status
  • On a huge range of property types
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Mortgage key facts
  • 10.49%

    Rates from 10.49%/annum
  • £250k

    Borrow from £50k - £250k
  • 5 - 30yrs

    Terms available from 5 - 30yrs
  • Interest-only

    Interest-only repayment options available
  • 65%

    Borrow up to 65% of the property's value
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Looking to get a mixed use mortgage for your property?

We understand that some people never clock off – because their job and their home are intertwined.

So if you’ve thrown yourself headlong into self-employment – and taking everything your own with you – we don’t think that's reason enough to be denied a mortgage.

We can help if you're buying a semi-commercial property as an investment. Our common-sense approach works for a variety of circumstances, including applications from businesses with complex ownership structures or short trading history, and for properties like pubs, shops with living space above, B&Bs and kennels.

Common questions about semi-commercial and mixed-use property mortgages

Can you get a residential mortgage on a mixed-use property?

It is possible to get a residential mortgage on a mixed use-property, but at least 40% of it needs to be for residential use. Anything less than this, and you’d need a commercial mortgage.

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Any property used as security, including your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it.
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