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For when having tenants wasn't part of the plan

Buy to let mortgages for accidental landlords.

  • No maximum age limit
  • Based on your rental income
  • Expat applicants considered
  • HMOs and MUBS accepted
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Buy to Let Lender of the year 2023

Bridging & Commercial

• Over 1,200 reviews

• Over 1,900 reviews

Buy to Let Lender of the year 2023

Bridging & Commercial

• Over 1,200 reviews

• Over 1,900 reviews

Buy to Let Lender of the year 2023

Bridging & Commercial

• Over 1,200 reviews

• Over 1,900 reviews

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Our Buy to Let mortgage key facts
  • 6.95%

    Fixed rate from 6.95%
  • 9.05%

    Variable rate from 9.05%
  • 75%

    Borrow up to 75% of the property's value
  • 4 to 30 years

    Terms available from 4 to 30 years

*The maximum loan, rate and loan-to-value ratio offered may be reduced depending on the property and your credit profile. Loans above £250k will be referred.

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For when having tenants wasn't part of the plan

If you've inherited a property, no longer need your business premises or need to relocate, you may be considering renting out your property instead of selling it. You are not alone as hundreds of property owners become accidental landlords every year.

Our Consumer Buy to Let (CBTL) mortgages are designed to help, with no previous landlord experience required and no upper age limit placed on applicants. Your affordability will be based on the rental income that your property will bring in and not your personal income. We can also consider consider applications from British expatriates

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Becoming an accidental landlord due to a change in circumstances

Renting out your property could prove lucrative so we understand why becoming an accidental landlord is sometimes an appealing option. This could mean you need to remortgage before renting out your property – perhaps because your existing mortgage provider doesn't do buy-to-let mortgages, or because you need to complete renovations.

Anyone can be a landlord these days, thinking about renting out your property to provide a second income, or boosting your pension pot further down the line, we may be able to help.

Our common-sense approach means we can also consider applications that some other lenders sometimes struggle with, such as if you already have a mortgage on the property, you're self-employed, work several jobs, have already retired or if you’ve got less-than-perfect credit history.

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Common questions about Buy to Let mortgages for Accidental Landlords

What is an Accidental Landlord?

An accidental landlord is someone who becomes a landlord by circumstance rather than by plan, and it can happen for several reasons. You could be relocating for work, moving in with your partner, or you might have inherited a property.

Will I need to change my mortgage to rent out my home?

With Together you will need to amend your current agreement or obtain consent prior to letting out your home. Other lenders may allow a consent to let rather than changing to a BTL mortgage.

Is there a maximum age restriction for Consumer Buy to Let mortgages (CBTL)?

At Together there is no maximum age restriction for consumer buy-to-let (CBTL) applicants where rental income meets or exceeds the required interest coverage ratio.

Do I need to be a UK resident to apply for an Accidental Landlord mortgage?

If you live abroad, we can consider you for a CBTL mortgage if you are an expatriate and your situation falls under the following circumstances:

  • If your application meets the required Interest Coverage Ratio. Interest Coverage Ratio helps assess how easily an entity could pay the interests against any outstanding debts.
  • You hold a UK bank account in your name
  • The rent from the property must be received in sterling and paid into the UK bank account
  • Your country of residence is not deemed high risk

What income proof is required for a Buy to Let mortgage application?

We’ll need a copy of the tenancy agreement (if the property is already being rented out) or a rental assessment (if it’s not being rented out yet) along with recent proof of personal income.

This could be a recent payslip or P60 if you're employed or a recent SA302 if you're self-employed.

How long can I have a Buy to Let mortgage over?

A buy to let mortgage can be taken out for between 4 to 30 with Together.

Can I rent my house out to a family member?

Not with a consumer buy to let mortgage, you can use a residential mortgage though but your personal employed income would be used for affordability rather than rental income with Together.

Overall cost for comparison

For example: A mortgage of £115,000 payable over 20 years, initially on a fixed rate for 5 years at 6.95% (and then on a tracker rate for the remaining 15 years at 2.14% above the Together Homeowner Managed Rate (THMR)) would require 60 instalments of £922.66 followed by 180 monthly payments of £1,212.08 plus a redemption administration fee of £100.00. Read more information on THMR.

The total amount payable would be £273,634.00 made up of the loan amount (£115,000) plus interest on the loan (£150,251.90), arrangement fee (£2,875) plus interest on this fee (£2453.05), broker fee £1,594 plus interest on this fee (£1,360.05) and the redemption administration fee (£100.00).

The overall cost for comparison is 10.1% APRC representative.

The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Ask us for a personalised illustration.

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