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About our apprenticeships.

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We all want a great future for our children. And since many of us spend more time at work than at home, that means a career full of opportunity.

About us

We're a mortgage and secured loan provider, based in Cheadle. We've been established for over 40 years, and employ a team of over 700.

Here at Together we recognise that everyone has the potential to flourish given the opportunity, regardless of their route into the workforce.

It's why we offer our apprenticeship, giving people the chance to complete vocational, on-the-job training in practically any role. It's a viable alternative to university – with none of the scary debt – and comes with the chance to learn skills no lecture could ever teach.

About our apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are fixed at one of six levels.

Apprenticeship Equivalent to
Level 2 ('Intermediate') 5 x GCSEs (A*-C grade)
Level 3 ('Advanced') 2 x A-Levels
Level 4 First year of university
Level 5 Foundation degree
Level 6 Bachelor's degree
Level 7 Master's degree

Our apprenticeship starts at Level 3. It's a structured, two-year learning and development plan; we employ our apprentices to perform for a specific role, but they can rotate into another role or part of the business after the first year.

This means they'll develop a rounded array of soft skills, while gaining valuable specialist knowledge from experienced topic experts.

We understand that entering the world of work can be challenging at first, so we adjust the pace of learning to suit your child. It's important to us to balance on-the-job training with professional qualifications and business knowledge.

We actively encourage continuous learning, so there are opportunities to progress to higher-level apprenticeships if they want.

What we expect of them

We expect our apprentices to take the opportunity seriously, and apply themselves to the tasks set.

And it's a real job. So we expect them to turn up on time, act professionally, and represent our business positively – just like the rest of our colleagues.

What they'll get
  • A permanent job from day one.
  • A structured learning and development plan, which is paced to their level.
  • A starting salary of £12,500 (increasing after the first year)
  • A dedicated and experienced mentor.

Excellent progression opportunities for those showing ability and aspiration.