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5 key benefits of apprenticeships.

08 Feb 2022 | 2 min

1. Develop your skills

Apprenticeships give you the opportunity to learn a variety of different skills on the job that school or university don’t teach you. Communication, organisation, teamwork, and problem-solving are all key transferrable skills you develop through work experience.

2. Gain hands on training and experience

By completing tasks and projects within your role, it enables you to get involved and gives you a real chance to put your skills into practice whilst helping you to gain more confidence.

3. Receive recognised qualifications

The length of the apprenticeship varies with the different types of apprenticeships but once completed, you are rewarded with the qualification that can be showcased to future employers.

4. Pay no learning costs, debt or student finance

A University degree comes with a huge amount of debt at the end of it whilst apprenticeships are funded from contributions made by the government and your employer, meaning you have no student loans or tuition fees.

5. Develop independence and confidence in the workplace

Working in a company teaches you to take responsibility for your work and actions, how to behave professionally in a working environment and how to be independent with your tasks. Over time you will gain confidence just from completing tasks in your role.

Apprenticeships don’t just bring benefits to the individual but also to employers. According to the Government website:

• 86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation

• 78% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve productivity

• 74% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve the quality of their product or service.

This shows that companies offering apprenticeships, like Together, are as invested in your success as you are!

Apprenticeships at Together

The apprenticeship programme at Together gives you the opportunity to build your experience and confidence in the workplace, gaining recognised qualifications as you go. We understand that university isn’t for everyone and plenty of young people are keen to get stuck into the working environment whilst learning skills on the job.

At the end of the programme, you have the option to join the team permanently. The opportunities are endless with the ability to gain qualifications at different levels no matter your age. As an apprentice you get to work alongside experienced staff whilst building up knowledge, skills and responsibility along the way. There’s lots to get involved with at Together outside of your day-to-day role as well, including our ‘Let’s Make It Count’ programme.

Emily Garner shares how her role has taken shape since joining Together as an apprentice: “I am a Digital Marketing apprentice at Together and joined in September 2021. As soon as I started, I was immediately made to feel as part of the team and have been given many opportunities from the beginning. I now create and publish the daily social media posts that get shared across our channels – Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – as well as managing our reviews platforms, ensuring we respond to every review.”

National Apprenticeship week takes place every February and is a week-long celebration. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the numerous benefits that apprenticeships bring to employers, individuals and the wider economy. The 15th annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships will showcase the effect apprenticeships can have on communities, local businesses, and regional economies, and how they all benefit from the impact of apprenticeships.

Read more and apply for an apprenticeship here.

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