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Our Sustainability Strategy, 12 months on.

23 Oct 2023 | 2 min

Paul Moran, Head of Sustainability, discusses the importance and progress of Together’s Sustainability Strategy.

The Together Sustainability Strategy was published around 12 months ago, how much progress has been made so far?

“Although we’re still at the very early stages of our sustainability journey, I’m really proud of how far we’ve come in the last year.

“Our four pillars; Our Planet, Our Communities, Our Customers and Our Colleagues, reflect what’s important to our stakeholders and we’ve set ambitious targets for each pillar. Our Sustainability Committee has been crucial in ensuring these targets remain at the top of the leadership team’s agenda. As a member of this Committee, I can see first-hand how engagement has developed throughout the year and I’m pleased we’ve been able to establish a strong reporting line to our Executive Committee and the Group Board.

“Each of our commitments have pillar leads who are responsible for ensuring we maintain momentum in achieving each target and we aim to empower those leads to make change we can stand by and ultimately be proud of.

“While our commitments are aspirational, we’ve made good progress against each of our sustainability pillars and we’ll continue to drive for further progress over the next 12 months and beyond.”

Why do you feel sustainability is important at Together?

“Being sustainable is the right thing to do and will only become more and more important in business and everyday lives. The issues being addressed within sustainability will only change if we all take further actions and it’s clear our colleagues are passionate about making a societal contribution and reducing our carbon footprint.

“To harness our colleagues’ passion, we hosted our very first Sustainability Week in January for all colleagues and included a session, which was hosted in collaboration with a local business networking group. The week included activities, panels and discussions with internal and external experts providing valuable insights into the importance of sustainability, how we’re addressing the key issues and what colleagues can do to make a difference. The week was very well attended and the feedback and enthusiasm from colleagues and partners was amazing.

“As mentioned earlier, another example of how seriously sustainability is being taken at Together is that our Sustainability Committee meets regularly and we provide periodic updates on progress and issues both to the Executive Committee and to the Group Board.”

What is your vision for sustainability at Together?

“It’s simple – to continue the positive progress towards meeting our targets and demonstrate how Together has a positive impact on our planet, our society and our community. I also want all of our colleagues and partners to be genuinely proud of what we achieve and to feel empowered to continue to make a difference in line with our purpose and vision.

“It’s been an incredible start to our journey and I’m really excited to see where the next 12 months take us.”

To read about the progress we’ve made on our Sustainability Strategy so far, download our 22-23 Sustainability report, Building a sustainable future, Together.

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