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Buy to let mortgages for portfolio landlords

Portfolio buy to let mortgages.

Multiple properties? Our common sense approach could help.
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What makes us different

Our Buy to Let mortgage key facts
  • £2.5m

    Borrow up to £2.5m
  • 4 to 30 years

    Terms available from 4 to 30 years
  • 7.99%

    Rates from 7.99%/annum
  • 75%

    Borrow up to 75%* of the property's value

Consolidating unsecured debts with secured lending may increase the amount repaid overall.

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Want to expand your buy-to-let portfolio?

Our Buy to Let mortgages are available to a wide variety of portfolio landlords, on a variety of residential and commercial properties, including ex-council, high-rise, or those currently classed as uninhabitable.

We apply common sense, and look at the bigger picture. So we’re happy to lend if:

  • You’re buying an additional property.
  • You need to remortgage your existing portfolio.
  • You want to consolidate your borrowing into one monthly repayment.

We'll accept rental projections if you’ve not yet acquired the property, and if your rental income will sufficiently cover the payments, we won't conduct an affordability assessment. We can also take into account other, multiple sources of income when calculating what you can afford to pay.

We won't place a limit on the size or value of your portfolio, and we’ll charge the same rates whether you have one property, or 100. In fact, with our lowest-ever rate, our Buy to Let mortgages have never been easier.

Common questions about portfolio Buy to Let mortgages

Do you lend to portfolio landlords?

Yes – we will just need details of your portfolio to get a full picture of your situation so we can work out your specific needs .

What are your Buy to Let mortgage rates?

Please contact us on 0371 705 1518 or book an appointment here to discuss our current rates.

How quickly can I get a Buy to Let mortgage?

It all depends on the legal process with your solicitors. We will get the offer in principle out to you on the same day of your application and your offer to your solicitor within a week if we have everything we need.

What does the application journey look like for Buy to Let mortgages?

Once you’ve submitted your application to your relationship manager, your case will be submitted to our underwriting team for approval. Once approved the legal pack will be issued to your solicitor to complete the legal paperwork. Your solicitor will return this to our completions team, who will submit the case for final approval and funding.

In some scenarios, we may be able to utilise our in-house legal team to help speed up the application process.

What documents do you need for a Buy to Let mortgage?

We like to make your application as straight forward as possible. Not everyone’s circumstances will be the same and so we don’t ask for the same documents from everyone. Some standard documents we ask for are:

  • Application Form
  • Income information (Payslips, Tax Returns, etc)
  • Company Structure form (if applying in a company name)

Your relationship manager will talk you through exactly what you will need for your application.

Will I need a valuation for a Buy to Let mortgage?

In most cases we can run a desktop valuation, meaning there will be no valuation costs involved. If we can’t run this for any reason, or doesn’t return as expected, that’s when we would need a full valuation.

Do you offer Buy to Let mortgages to start-up companies?

Yes – we will just need some information about how you will be in a position to make the monthly instalments or discuss alternative products with you.

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Any property used as security, including your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it.
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