two men stood outside a pub raising a toast with pint glasses - pan

Raising a glass to a pub’s bright future.

28 Mar 2022 | 1 min

We provided landlord Paul Garner with a £133,250 commercial mortgage to buy out his pub’s brewery owners, and secure its long-term future.

The challenge

The landlord of The New Albion pub in Wakefield has major plans to build up his already-successful business so that his two-year-old son can take over when he grows up. However, the publican feared his long-term plan to take over the business had been sunk after he approached a mainstream bank for funding to buy it from the brewery, but was refused the finance he needed because of the complexities of the case.

The solution

A mortgage broker introduced Mr Garner to Together’s regional development director in Yorkshire, who visited the pub and, following a valuation and a careful assessment of the case, agreed a commercial mortgage of £133,250 with a term of 20 years at 65% loan-to-value to fund the takeover.

The challenge

Paul Garner said: “Together’s funding has really helped me secure the pub’s future for me and my son. If we can carry on doing what we are doing well, and with the continued support of our locals, we’ve both got a really bright future ahead of us.”

Although we endeavour to lend within the shortest possible timescales, this is not always achievable in 100% of cases.