Development partners outside Mornington Road.

Revisiting a supported living complex as it welcomes residents.

22 May 2024 | 3 min

When we last visited the Mornington Road site in Preston, it was only at the ‘spades in the ground’ stage of development. But, even then, we could see the vision, value and ambition behind developer Weaver Finch’s latest project – turning a disused bowling green into a 13 apartment supported living complex.

Having secured a £1.75 million loan from us, the developer showed us around what they hoped would become their ‘flagship scheme’. The finished site would provide local adults with additional learning needs a home where they could live more independently, supported by on-site care and the latest technology.

Less than 12 months later, we returned to the completed complex to see how the facility is already contributing to the lives of the residents, their families and the wider community.

The residents and their families

We started by talking to the people set to benefit the most from the new scheme – the residents - who are already enjoying their new level of independence.

One resident talked about he loved “the downstairs area where you can chat with the other people that live here”. The communal space was designed to help combat the loneliness that many disabled adults experience, especially as many of the residents acclimatise to living independently for the first time.

Parents have already witnessed the positive effects of living in the new environment. Although initially apprehensive, one mum said she was now relieved to see her son flourishing with his new found freedom. She pointed to the fact that the complex had everything he needed – from state of the art technology to attentive care from support workers when needed.

The staff

The Mornington Road site is run by Care Housing Association, a charity and registered social housing provider, to deliver the bespoke care and support required by each resident.

Staff at the site spoke of the excitement expressed by the residents upon moving in to the flats, and how it was the team’s role to support them when and where needed. In addition to helping with tasks such as personal care and making meals, the one-to-one support that the staff provide also help the residents engage the wider community. For example, the team have assisted a young resident to realise her employment aspirations, whilst other residents regularly enjoy trips to the local cinema or going on holidays.

The council

Lancashire County Council were very impressed when they saw the progress made at Mornington Road, from a building site just 12 months prior to a range of ‘palatial’ apartments. Councillor Graham Gooch, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care for Lancashire County Council, expressed that “Everything seems to be working well. The technology is going to help make life safer for people, and give them a high degree of independence so that they can live within their own flats.”

Previously, some local adults with additional needs had to leave the area to find the type of supported accommodation provided at Mornington Road. Being able to offer such facilities within the area was essential as it’s allowed residents to live within a convenient distance of their families, and now the Council hopes to see a lot more developments like Mornington Road within the local area soon.

"We are delighted that this scheme is now up and running and we are proud to have helped fund this. This is the exciting part!

From the first spade in the ground, to the property welcoming its first residents. It's wonderful to see the completed project, equipped with the latest technology to ensure the tenants can live as independently as possible."

Alex Bodie, Director of Community Housing and Healthcare, Together.

At Together, we’ve provided development funding, as well as short term bridge and longer term debt funding, for a range of socially-driven projects like Mornington Road. These projects include creating affordable homes, safe spaces for vulnerable families and care homes for adults and children.

Community Housing and Healthcare is more than building properties – it’s building the foundations for a better society. You can find out more about how we can support your project here.


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