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Same day enquiry

We’re here between 9am and 8pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 7pm on Friday. If you contact us by 5pm we guarantee to get back to you the same day. If it’s after 5pm, we can’t promise we’ll be able to reply on the same day, but we’ll do our very best.


Any property used as security may be repossessed if you don’t make the repayments.

Looking to finance your commercial buy-to-let property? Struggling to get a mortgage with a high street lender? We could be the people to speak to.

We think looking at your individual situation, combined with our common-sense approach to lending, makes better sense for everyone.

Say goodbye to inflexible buy-to-lets

If you need finance – whether a mortgage, remortgage or second charge secured loan – on a commercial buy-to-let property, talk to us. Why? Because you can use our commercial buy-to-let mortgage for almost any purpose. 

We’re one of the few lenders offering second charge buy-to-lets, particularly interest-only second charge buy-to-lets. Plus, we also consider a large variety of property types, and have more flexibility when lending to people with less than perfect credit histories.

We’ll consider commercial buy-to-let mortgages for:
  • properties with poor valuations (when the property is in a less than perfect condition)
  • non-standard constructions (when the property you want is a little out the ordinary)
  • most commercial property types
Key features
  • Tiered ICR from 125%
  • First and second charge available
  • Adverse credit profiles considered
  • Interest-only and repayment options available
10 steps to getting a commercial buy-to-let mortgage 
  1. We’ll discuss your circumstances with you and what you need.
  2. Once confirmed, we’ll help you complete an application form.
  3. Underwriting will review the application and complete a Credit Check. To do so, we’ll need various documents from you including ID and proof of income.
  4. If everything is ok, we’ll arrange a valuation.
  5. Valuation returned and will be checked by the underwriting team. If ok, we’ll instruct our solicitor.
  6. Your solicitor receives the legal documentation.
  7. Once all the paper has been sent back, our solicitor will complete the Report on Title.
  8. Our solicitor team will review the ROT.
  9. At this stage our underwriter team will complete a full review of the file in preparation for funding.
  10. We’ll transfer funds to your solicitor and you're good go
Our lending criteria

To qualify for this product, as a minimum, you must:

  • have obtained the commercial property with the intent to let it out. In other words, for a business purpose.
  • be at least 18-years old. There’s no maximum age limit, providing rental income covers 125% of total secured lending repayments.
  • have no more than 6 demerits on your credit profile in the last 12 months. 

Any property used as security may be repossessed if you don’t make the repayments.