Life changing sum of money.

Have you ever daydreamed about winning a large sum of money? Here at Together, we thought we would find out what the British public really thinks is a life-changing sum of money
Four circles that are yellow, red, blue and purple behind animated characters throwing money.


is the average amount UK adults would consider to be a life changing sum of money.


is the average amount UK adults would need to win before they would quit their job.

1 in 5

men wouldn't tell anyone if they won £1m, compared to 1 in 10 women.

If Brits

were to win £1m they would give away £473,490 to their family, friends and charity.

How Brits would spend their winnings

We asked participants to select the top three things they would do straight after winning a large amount of money – here’s how Brits would spend it.

34.6% of people said they would put a substantial amount straight into savings, followed closely by 34.0% of people who would purchase a new house.

Travelling the world was next on Brits’ agendas, with 1 in 3 people saying they’d go on holiday and 19.8% selecting travelling.

Investing in stocks and shares and entrepreneurship were less of a priority, with only 8.8% and 8.2% of people selecting these retrospectively.

How Brits would share their winnings

We then asked Brits, if they were to win £1m, how would they split the cash between their loved ones, friends and charities?

On average people opted to share 47.3% (£473,490) of their winnings, gifting the largest amount to their family £187,557 (18.8%), followed by their partner £166,987 (16.7%). People then selected to share £49,436 (4.9%) with their chosen charities and £41,329 (4.1%) with friends.

How it differs by city, age and salary

Does a person's age, salary or place in which they live change their perception of what a life-changing sum of money is?

Click the headings to see the average by city, age and salary.

What percentage of people wouldn’t tell anyone?

Our survey revealed that 15.8% of Brits wouldn’t tell anyone if they won £1m, but how does that differ depending on where you live, your age and salary?

People from Belfast are the most likely to keep quiet upon winning £1m, with 25.5% admitting they wouldn’t tell anyone. This was followed by Cardiff (24.0%), Plymouth (22.2%) and Aberdeen (19.1%).

People living in Sheffield and Birmingham are most likely to share their news, with only 11.3% saying they wouldn’t tell anyone.

People earning £70,000-£89,999 are the most secretive salary bracket, with 1 in 5 revealing they wouldn’t tell anyone if they won £1m.

In comparison people earning £90,000 or more are the most honest, with just 3.5% confirming they wouldn’t tell anyone.

55-64-year olds are most likely to keep quiet following a big win, with 1 in 5 admitting they’d keep their winnings secret. 35-44-year olds are the most honest age bracket, with 9 out of 10 people revealing they’d share their great news.

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