Right to Buy explained

The Right to Buy process, step by step.

From the Section 125 Notice through to completion, here's the process that's seen us help hundreds of people to buy their council homes.
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Step 1 - S125 from your landlord

You’ll need to apply to your landlord to check you’re eligible for the Right to Buy scheme, and if you are you’ll receive an offer notice (S125) within 8 weeks for a house and 12 weeks for a leasehold property. Once you’re happy with your offer, get in touch with us and one of our qualified mortgage advisers will guide you through each step of the process.

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Step 2 - Mortgage illustration

We’ll make sure we understand your circumstances fully before recommending a suitable mortgage. If you’re happy, you’ll receive a ‘mortgage illustration’ providing all the relevant details about the product you’re applying for.

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Step 3 - Application process

Our mortgage advisers will take you through the full application process. We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do, and when, including sending us supporting documentation. For example, proof of income in the form of wage slips or your accounts and your completed Section 125 form (S125). When we have everything we need, we’ll assess your application and supporting information.

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Step 4 - Surveyor visit

A surveyor will visit the property to ensure it’s mortgage-worthy (this step may not apply in every single case).

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Step 5 - Mortgage offer

If it is, we’ll make you a mortgage offer, which means we’ve accepted your mortgage application.

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Step 6 - Completion

Completion is the date you’ll officially own your home. We’ll transfer your mortgage funds to the council. Congratulations, you’re no longer a tenant!