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Bridging loans for business purposes

Commercial bridging loans.

  • For when an opportunity won't wait
  • Flexible on income & credit status
  • On a huge range of property types

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Why choose Together?

Mortgage key facts
  • 1.00%

    Rates from 1.00% / month*
  • Short term

    Up to 12 months
  • 'No exit fee'

    'No exit fee' options available.
  • 70%

    Borrow up to 70% of the property's value.
  • Often arranged faster than a traditional mortgage

*The maximum loan, rate and loan-to-value ratio offered may vary based on your individual circumstances.

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We funded James £2.85m in four hours

James was looking to expand his buy-to-let portfolio with a prestigious six-bedroom home in a UK holiday resort. However the deal hit choppy waters the day before the completion deadline when solicitors demanded additional information – potentially scuppering the purchase and leaving James with a £3million cost.

Fortunately Together were able to step in. James contacted Together at 11:15am and we were able to fund the £3million deal within four hours – an incredibly quick completion and a great result for James.

Figures and details from a real Together bridging loan customer. All personal information anonymised. While we aim to lend within the shortest possible timescales, speed of funding varies with every case.

James's bridging loan with us:
  • £2.85m

    Amount sought

  • 4 hours

    Time to fund

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Spotted an opportunity that won't wait?

We understand mortgages can take a while to arrange, so a Together bridging loan could be just the ticket if your vendor is looking to sell quickly. When you speak to our team, you speak to the decision makers who are empowered to give you a decision in principle almost immediately.

We'll work flexibly to help your purchase of a residential investment, new office, retail unit or other commercial property, as soon as possible. And you’ll have up to 12 months to repay the loan in a lump sum – leaving you ample time to get the longer-term finance you need, or sell the property on.

Common questions about bridging loans

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What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short-term loan, which covers the gap between paying out for a new home before receiving the proceeds of the sale of another, they usually lasts up to 12 months.

Why might you choose a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is short-term, so you may choose one if you only need money temporarily – perhaps to sort out a cash flow problem, to bridge the gap between buying a property and securing a mortgage, or because you're intending to turn around a project quickly.

How much can I borrow, and how much deposit will I need?

We can lend you up to 70% of your property's value, so you’ll need at least 30% as a deposit. The maximum loan-to-value ratio we can offer may be reduced based on the nature of the property, what you’ll be using the bridging loan for, and your personal circumstances.

Can I apply for a bridging loan if I have poor credit?

If you’ve got less-than-perfect credit, such as a small blip that’s caused a big impact on your credit score – we’ll use our common sense when reviewing your application, and look at your credit history instead.

We can also ignore adverse credit that’s over 12 months old when it comes to deciding your interest rate.

Can I get a bridging loan if I’m retired?

Yes – we’ve no maximum age on our Bridging loans, and we’ll consider a wide range of income (including your pension) when it comes to assessing affordability.

So if you’ve found the perfect retirement property, you don’t need to wait around for your current one to sell, and you’ll have plenty of time to organise your move and make the transition gradually.

Can I get a bridging loan if I’m self-employed?

Whether you’re a sole trader, freelancer or side-hustler, we can accept self-employed applicants with just 12 months trading history, and you’ll get the same rates as someone with a regular income.

We’ll look at your last three months’ earnings, so even if you took advantage of the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme in 2020, you’ll still be treated as normal.

Can I get a bridging loan on land?

Yes – we can lend on land for a range of purposes. And if you’ve got planning permission in place, we have development finance options available which can last up to 24 months.

How do you decide my interest rate?

The rate you're offered may be influenced by several factors, including:

  • What you're using the bridging loan for.

  • The type and value of the property you're using to secure the loan.

  • How much you need to borrow (both in total, and as a percentage of your property's value).

  • Whether you have any other loans secured against the property, that won't be repaid by this loan.

  • Your credit history (but not your credit score).

How long does a bridging loan take to arrange?

We’ve got decades of experience in getting bridging cases over the line quickly – and much faster than a typical fixed-term loan or mortgage. This means a bridging loan could get you the cash you need while waiting for longer-term borrowing to be arranged.

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Any property used as security, including your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Together offer a range of regulated products and unregulated products. Together Personal Finance Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and offer products including (but not limited to) Personal mortgages, Secured loans, Consumer Buy to Let mortgages and regulated Bridging loans.

Our unregulated products are provided by Together Commercial Finance Limited and include (but are not limited) to unregulated Bridging loans, Buy to Let mortgages, Auction finance and Development finance.

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