Why buy at auction?

Find out what makes this a great way to invest in property

If you’re new to the auction world, you might be wondering what the advantages are. With over 10 years of experience in the auction room, we can help explain.

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Buying at auction isn’t just about picking up a bargain – it brings with it a whole raft of other benefits.

You can get your hands on properties you may not find through an estate agent

This is the big advantage. When you’re buying property as an investment, you want to know you’re covering all the options. At auction, you’re going beyond what estate agents have to offer – and you’ll often find much more interesting properties, with more potential to make a profit.


You’re competing only with other auction-goers

Thousands of people use estate agents, which can make securing a sought-after property very tricky. But at auction, you’re bidding just against those in the room or on the telephone who might be interested in the same property. And you know very quickly how much you’ll have to pay to make it yours – no more putting in an offer and hoping for the best.


Once the hammer falls, it’s yours

When your bid wins, the property is legally yours. There’s no waiting around for the vendor to consider an offer, and no stressful negotiations, so you can get on with completing the transaction.


The purchase goes through very quickly

If you’ve bought property the conventional way, you’ll know how the process can be a long-winded one. But when you buy at auction, everything happens very quickly – which is where our experience in providing auction finance comes in handy.

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