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Opening doors since 1974: What's our new campaign all about.

02 Feb 2024 | 2 min

In 1974, we opened our very first door.

A chance conversation when arranging the sale of a car saw our first mortgage funded on a 3-bedroom house in OIdham. Although our founder, originally a market stall trader, had never lent money for property before, he looked at the situation, applied his own common sense and decided, yes, he could provide the funds required.

On that day, the essence of what now makes Together was born. And, exactly 50 years later, we still carry that same ethos of common sense lending, flexible enough to look at real life circumstances in order to help open the doors to a range of property opportunities when other lenders won’t.

We’ve helped thousands of people realise their property ambitions over the last 5 decades, and we know that in the current climate, there are thousands more throughout the UK that need the help of a specialist lender to make their next move, either personal or commercial, into a reality.

That is why we’re launching our “Opening doors since 1974” campaign, simultaneously marking our 50th year and helping to raise awareness of how we have, and can, help our customers when an opportunity knocks, even when other doors won’t open.

You can see our new TV commercial before, during and after some of your favourite shows on Sky channels, Sky Video on Demand, Sky Digital and Property TV, as well as in print and digital media on property sites such as Zoopla, Prime Location and Right Move, and across Social Media channels including Meta, YouTube and LinkedIn.

The campaign features a selection of characters as they embark upon their property journey from a variety of scenarios - families moving into their next homes, a couple enjoying the results of an amazing home improvement project, a portfolio landlord securing a fixer-upper at auction, a small business taking its first steps with a bricks and mortar base, and a property developer planning their next big construction project.

Much like the feeling you get when a door won’t open, the concept behind the campaign initially deals with the frustration that these customers experience when an opportunity is set to slip away because getting access to the money you need is often too slow, complicated, and rigid for the speed of the modern world.

As a company built on our relationships with customers, Together takes the time to look at each case on its merit and is seen supporting the characters in the advert and unlocking these barriers. True to our origins as a common sense lender, our flexible criteria, broad product offering and speed of service helps to open doors to property aspirations.

Together’s Chief Commercial Officer, Ryan Etchells said: “As Together celebrates its 50th year in business, it seems opportune to elevate the awareness of our brand amongst a commercial and personal finance base. Our heritage demonstrates that we’re a trusted partner and have used our expertise and strong relationship based approach to lending to help thousands of people settle down and scale up. It’s now time for us to shout more loudly about our common sense approach to lending which has been helping our customers realise their property ambitions for five decades.”

Alongside our new brand campaign, and celebrating reaching our 50th year milestone, we’re also continuing in pursuit of our central purpose – to be the UK’s most trusted lender for our customers, colleagues and communities.

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