Spotlight on... Anastasiya and Jamie

Their first renovation project? A 17th-century, Grade II-listed cottage in Liverpool.

Total strangers Anastasiya and Jamie were teamed up to renovate a Grade-II listed cottage in Liverpool for the new Channel 4 series, The Great House Giveaway. Missed the show? Watch it now on ALL4.

Meet the contestants

Anastasiya, 30, is originally from Russia and moved to the UK as a teenager. She’s the manager of a small restaurant and also works as a model part-time, but says this unusual and irregular income is preventing her from getting onto the property ladder.

Jamie, also 30, is a self-employed electrician and general builder. Dad-to-be Jamie lives with his parents, and applied for the show because he’s struggling to save the deposit he needs to buy a house for his family. He also says that getting a mortgage will be harder as he works for himself.


What did they do?


Moss Cottage is over 300 years old, but the previous interior décor didn’t do this historic house justice. Period features like beams and fireplaces had been covered up, with cheap fixtures hiding a damp problem. But most pressing was the bathroom, which was situated on the upstairs landing and lacked any privacy.


The damp problem was resolved with repairs to the roof, and by removing soil from plant beds that abut the outside walls. The team created a corridor on the landing to install a traditional bathroom, also dividing up the large kitchen to create a utility room and downstairs WC to suit modern family life.

Result: £21,878 profit

Watch our teaser trailer for Anastasiya and Jamie's episode

Our expert's view

Scott Hendry, Director of Auction Relationships:

“Listed properties have a reputation for being difficult renovation projects, but Anastasiya and Jamie have made it look easy. That said, we’d recommend you do your research instead of ‘buying blind’ like the guys had to.

“Getting an estate agent in to value the property mid-renovation is a great idea. As experts in the local market, they can tell you what your potential buyers want and where to focus your attention – which paid off when it came to the valuation.

"Had they not had a hard six-month deadline to contend with, they could have held out for a higher offer and made an even larger profit.”

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